Tips to Attract Retail Beauty Buyers to Your Skincare Brand

What Do Beauty Customers Expect to Find?

When it comes to smaller artisan brands, beauty buyers have some expectations. Although they may consider stocking smaller lines, they have certain standards. It is essential that you remain informed before entering into a contract with any major chain since this represents an immense commitment for your business. Nevertheless, such chains can help propel your skincare line and business to new heights – it’s certainly worth taking note!

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Following all presentations given by department stores with the largest stores, I jotted down my top tips for drawing customers into retail stores to purchase beauty products. These suggestions were unanimously supported by all three big chain stores.

1. Customers are looking for innovative cosmetics products – you must offer something consumers want to purchase, whether that is through packaging design, ingredient content, applications and technology advancements. Your company wants you to add value to their customers through your innovation.

2. Customers want to hear positive buzz about your product. They desire significant engagement between followers and other potential buyers, which is why many buyers will search for your name on social media and check sites like Google Trends or to learn what others think of your services.

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3. If you’re a newcomer to the beauty industry, don’t fret. Beauty buyers are eager to promote the latest brands but you have to impress them first. Retailers such as Boots UK are actively searching for lesser-known brands to feature as part of their Beauty Finds campaign that will be featured in stores nationwide.

4. Understand your niche and that of your target retailer. If you have focused on one type of skin or demographic, it will be the most effective way to build a loyal and successful online business. However, larger retailers must be able to accommodate a wider variety of skin types in order to draw in more than just their most dedicated customers.

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5. It is likely that you will need multiple shelves with your product range. Many skincare entrepreneurs start small with just a few items (which is an economical option at first). But if you want your goods featured alongside those of large department stores such as Selfridges, then more items will likely need to be included and may require taking up multiple shelves.

6. Stay Informed. Be sure to stay abreast of what’s hot around the world, from Southeast Asia to personalization products for beauty. Major stores are paying close attention to what people are spending money on in this sector – it pays to stay informed! It is essential to stay ahead of the competition in beauty retailing by tracking what people are buying now.

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7. Being natural-based company is no longer enough. A few years ago, being a natural or organic brand was enough to stand out in an otherwise saturated market of synthetic beauty products. Nowadays however, simply being organic won’t do the trick; you must find your niche within this space and tailor your message marketing, branding and messaging accordingly to capture attention of specific buyers.

8. When reaching out to someone who sells beauty products, make sure you’re not being too formal. Certain retailers (like Selfridges) receive around 20 boxes of samples daily; when mailing something to them make sure to include samples and one page with details (keep it short; they already receive a lot). Explain why you are targeting these customers and follow up afterwards.


9. You could incur some marketing expenses. Big retailers often require you to participate in order for you to sell at their retail stores, though certain stores are more accommodating than others. Be prepared to be part of the marketing mix if you want your company featured at one of their locations; larger department stores especially appreciate retail theater, so making some contribution through your company is necessary in order to be featured there.

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10. Be thorough. When pitching to a major retailer, show that you know your brand inside-and-out and that you understand all aspects of marketing. Retailers expect you to have visited their stores, spoken with any beauty advisers they may have in-store (if available), spoken to customers, and done your research. Your work must show them how your product fits perfectly within their store and why their customers will love what you have to offer them.