Golf Attire For Women: Bring Your Style Up To Par

You’re likely already a golf fan if you enjoy a good walk and low-impact activities. You’re not the only one who feels this way. 2020 was the year that saw the largest increase in players in 17 years. Nearly a quarter of those new players were women golfers. It’s the perfect time for you to grab your buddies and get out on the green. Before you can swing, however, you might be wondering what to wear for a round. No worries. Consider us your style caddie. Here are our top tips to help you master the art of golf attire for women.

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How to dress for golf: The Golf Club Dress Code

Golf has a reputation for being smarter than many other sports. You’ve probably seen LPGA tour footage and noticed that golf attire is distinctly preppy. Many private clubs and semi-private clubs have dress codes. When choosing your golf attire, be sure to follow the rules of these clubs. For ladies, it is best to wear collared shirts or slacks. Avoid T-shirts and strappy tanks tops. Save your sweats for another day.

What to wear golfing if you don’t have golf attire

You won’t likely have any golf clothes if it’s your first visit to the links. It’s okay to not sweat it. To enjoy your round, you don’t need to have the same brands as at The U.S. Women’s Open. You can substitute khakis for work trousers or cotton twill joggers if you don’t own khakis. You can replace a polo shirt with any collared shirt, as long as it’s conservative and doesn’t have heavy graphics or prints. A fitted activewear quarter zip can be used. Save the money on expensive golf cleats and save your shoes for later. On the fairway, a pair of trainers with a low step will work just fine. You feel confident in your women’s golf attire. Good. Let’s now take a look at what you should wear when golfing throughout the year.

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Golf attire for all seasons

Golfing is a sun-day sport but that doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyed every month. You’re likely to be able to reserve a spot in the off-season with fewer people. You can still improve your game as long as your club is open. You just need the right attire. These stylish tips will help you go from a bogey into a hole in one.

Golf attire for women in summer

Let’s start with a chip shot. This is summer golf attire for ladies. There are many options for hot weather, considering the traditional golf season runs April through September. You can opt for light styles such as a skort or golf dress for warm summer days. You’ll be covered with the built-in shorts, while the breezy silhouette will keep you cool. For a more classic look, you can wear Bermuda-length shorts with a collared blouse and a sleeveless collared blouse. You don’t have to be afraid to make the course your runway with summer colors like magenta and cobalt.

Golf attire for women in fall

Although summer might seem like the best time to play golf, fall is a great time to get out on the tee. You’ll enjoy a more leisurely game due to the cooler conditions and fewer players on the course. A pair of slacks is the best choice for fall golf attire for women. We recommend that autumn is a time when neutrals are preferred over pastels and bright colors. Plaid pants are a great option, or you can try black trousers. Be sure to test the flexibility of your slacks before you wear them to the driving range.

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Winter golf attire for women

It might be surprising to those who are new to golf that many golf courses do not close during winter. In warmer climates and southern states, clubs are often open all year. If the ground isn’t frozen, you can usually expect to spend a few hours on the green. The only question now is: What should your winter golf attire look?

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Ladies’ Spring Golf Wear

Ah, spring. It’s the best time of year for a round. Spring golfing outfits are similar to women’s summer attire. You can wear tennis skirts or dresses. Capri pants are a fashionable option for spring. The classic short-sleeved Polo is the perfect partner for your bottoms. If your club allows, you can also try a sleeveless shirt.