Aquaviron injection: All you need to know

The most trusted product when it comes to injectable unesterfied testosterone available in the market is undoubtedly Aquaviron injection. It is held in a suspension form with water as base. For those who need a recap on their chemistry, a suspension is a heterogeneous mixture in which the solute particles do not dissolve but is held in a suspension form throughout the bulk of the medium. This is a very effective way for intake of medication as an injection. Essentially, this is testosterone in a raw form, which makes this a highly potent, fast-acting injectable anabolic steroid. Early on, it was developed for medical uses such as for aging, AIDS-related muscle wasting, and for low testosterone (Low T). Among body builders it is sought after during bulking cycles.

In India, Aquaviron is manufactured by Abott labs. Even got it is not available in United States, it is available through online sources. It can also be made available for doctors in special order. Most body builders will mention cases where gym suppliers provide the medication, but at a very high cost. Due to the high cost associated with it, black market and underground labs are loaded with fake products that are dangerous for health.

Recommended to be cautious

Users should be cautious against products that are not genuine or properly stored as it is a product held in suspension form and susceptible to adulteration and it can be diluted or under dosed by the vendor for personal benefits. As with all anabolic steroids, these are Schedule III controlled substances in the United States and require a prescription. Hence it is illegal to have Aquaviron without a prescription in America and in other countries.

Body builders use Aquaviron during the off season. This testosterone suspension will pack on muscle rapidly as well as keep fat increases to a minimum, so it helps to boost your metabolism as you increase your caloric intake. Aquaviron can also be used during a cutting cycle, but it is not the best choice because of its likelihood of causing bloating. Although you can use Aquaviron during a whole cycle, usually a burst of 4 to 6 weeks should be sufficient.

It is great for kickstarting a cycle or for pushing past a plateau or sticking point. It can be stacked with almost any anabolic steroid of your choosing.  Due to its pure testosterone content and very high chance for virilization, women rarely use Aquaviron. The only other time that it is used is in a therapeutic setting for the treatment of breast cancer. Aquaviron is known for its ability to boost your endurance and efficiency while you are training. You will find that you are able to do more, not tire as quickly, and recover in a more efficient manner. This is attributed to improved protein synthesis. This testosterone suspension also helps to suppress glucocorticoids.

There are a few side effects to be wary of. As testosterone is introduced in the bloodstream, it can quite easily convert to estrogen as it interacts with the enzyme, aromatase. This can cause gynecomastia in men. Acne, increased facial and body hair growth and faster hair loss if you already have male-pattern baldness are the androgenic side effects. Cardiovascular side effects include water retention due to which high blood pressure occurs. Also an increase in unhealthy cholesterol (LDL) and suppression of healthy cholesterol (HDL). Apart from these side effects, it is an excellent choice for body builders.