How Your Table Linens Can Affect Your Restaurant

Restaurants have a mission to create a brand that their customers can depend on every time they enter the premises. Because you have different cooks, wait staff, and more, each time they visit can feel a little different to your patrons. In an effort to help control the impression your restaurant provides, it is important to help maintain some type of consistency. While you already have many things to consider when owning a restaurant, your linens are one of the easiest to deal with. In fact, choosing the right linens can be a crucial aspect of your overall brand and it influences the impression your restaurant gives.

How Your Table Linens Can Affect Your Restaurant

Choosing your set of linens is about more than just running to your local supply store and picking out the first white tablecloth you see. There is a lot to consider in terms of the look, style, and vendor chosen. If you end up with a poor choice, you could ruin the impression your customers have of your restaurant. This is why you must make the decision with some thought behind it. Here are some things to consider when choosing table linens for your restaurant.


There are three main types of materials when looking at table linens. You have plastic, paper, and cloth. If your restaurant has a less formal atmosphere, you can get away with having plastic or paper linens. Your guests will be less likely concerned with the table linen material if they understand what type of establishment they are walking into. If you serve foods that are on the lower end of the price range, then customers won’t expect to have fabric napkins and other linens. You also want to keep your overhead as low as possible when you are serving cheaper dishes because the profit won’t be as high.

Before you think that using paper and plastic is going to come out cheaper, you also need to consider how much your customers will use. If your dishes contain a lot of sauces and tend to be eaten with your hands, then using fabric may come out much cheaper because you don’t have to replace them as often. Before making your purchase, you should decide how much you will need and, what is more, cost-effective.

Cloth napkins and tablecloths are typically reserved for higher-end establishments. These types of linens are much more durable and can be reused many times before they start looking too dingy. In some cases, they can be a cheaper investment than paper and plastic linens. One downside to choosing cloth linens is that they need to be pressed first. Wrinkled and stained linens can be an eyesore in your restaurant, so you want to make sure you keep them looking nice. If you want to save yourself some work, you may want to opt for polyester linens. These tend to resist wrinkles better, so you don’t have to iron them as much.


Linen Supplies

When completing the look of each table, you have more to worry about than just the tablecloth. There are other linens to help make sure each table is well-dressed and ready for your customers. You not only want to think about purchasing tablecloths, but you also want to get some napkins, table skirts, and placemats. Rather than searching out different vendors for each type of linen, you want to find a company that will be able to supply all your needs. This will help keep the search time and your costs down.


Selecting a vendor to supply the linens for your restaurant may be one of the most critical parts of the process. There are many companies that you can order your linens from, but you want one that is going to be dependable and provide you with quality products. If you choose to buy linens, then you have many factors to consider. You will have to get them laundered yourself and that could mean placing a laundry service on site. Most restaurants don’t have the space for all this. You could have them sent off for cleaning, but that can become expensive over time.

Another option for getting quality linens is by renting them from Cardiff linen hire services. Renting linens allows you to maintain quality linens without the hassle of having to keep them clean yourself. The linens are picked up for cleaning right from your restaurant and then returned once they have been cleaned. Renting them is very cost-effective as it allows you to have access to linens at a lower price than if you were to buy them. If you choose to buy linens, you have to make sure you purchase enough to supply every table and then have enough left over as backups. With renting, you can always put in an order for just what you need.

You also want to consider storage options. When you buy linens, you need a place to keep all the extras that are not currently in use. When you rent linens, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store them. You can always return any extras back to the lending source.

Communication is important when you decide to rent linens. You want to make sure you read the contract from beginning to end. You and the vendor should be on the same page about how the linens should look, the delivery schedule, and the costs. By working directly with your vendor, you can avoid many pitfalls. Should you end up damaging or losing some of your linens, you could be forced to pay a hefty price for them, so you still want to maintain the linens well even if you rent them.

There is a lot to consider when choosing linens for your company. Between style, colour, material, and vendors, the process of choosing linens can be tough. By understanding the importance of your linens, you can then put more emphasis on the process. This helps create a good impression of your restaurant and provides your customers with confidence in that they’ll know what to expect when they walk into your restaurant.