Discover the Exclusive Watches of Blancpain

The Exclusive watches from Blancpain are reputed for their exotic, classy and stylish designs that any person with a distinct taste cannot overlook. Blancpain sets its sights on deploying proven and appropriate technology in high-quality timepieces that present a global appeal to the high and the mighty in society. They don’t come cheap and owning any of the more than 890 items in their catalogue is a testament to your touch of class and choice.

Discover the Exclusive Watches of Blancpain

The Chronograph Fly back A Rattrap ante is among the Avant-garde in men’s Exclusive watchesfrom the stable of Blancpain. It is designed with a huge face and styled to meet the demands of a man’s day in business or casual schedules. TheChronograph Flyback A Rattrapantecomes with an automatic technology, a diameter of 42 mm and hard bound in platinum. It is the perfect goodbye to the days of regular changing of batteries for men that can afford the steep price. It is priced as much as $245,346.54 with other variants as low as $51,337.

The Blancpainspecialty, Tourbillon Diamondis the defining trendsetter for exclusive watches for ladies and royalty. It is the highest priced of Blancpain’sdesigns, couched in diamonds and a testament to the refrain that ‘diamonds are a girl’s best friend’. It has a going price of   $1,342,700 with a handful of it sold across the globe.

The Blancpainspecialty Tourbillon Diamonds comes with diamond that is an inimitable 20 carat cut, and its mechanical mechanism is built in elevated mechanism that truly makes it stand out among the pack. It has a subsidiary indicator in high flying tourbillion with handmade automatic winding and a power reserve that is in excess of 168 hours. The underlay of the watch is steeped in sapphire crystals, which make the mechanics and diamond frame apparent and clearly noticeable.

Another glitter in the Blancpain collection Specialties Tourbillon range is the Grande Date. This stellar piece of Exclusive watches is made of diamond, white gold and a mix of other gems with the defining automatic winding technology. This ladies watch has a diameter of 40mm with a standard multi-color gemstone edition and other variants that come at a price of $ 182,751.44 as against the irresistible $967, 515.67 for the trailblazer. The men’s edition for the affordable range comes with similar diameter and a listing price of $154,025.54. There is the lemon collection branded as the Grande Date for men, which a number of discerning collectors would gladly add to their collection.

The Blancpain Collection Leman Tourbillon QuantiemePerpetuel is available for $142,658.29. It is made of pure gold, automatic winding technology and crocodile straps. It comes with a 38 mm diameter and is a lady’s delight. Other variants of this model can be yours for as low as $100,185.00 and evidently with less gold content and fewer gems.

The Squeletter is another jewel of Exclusive watches fromthe Blancpain collection specialties Tourbillon. The Squeletter is a 38 mm diameter-sized delight, which is listed at $161,248 and complete with automatic winding technology. It is made to the taste of a man with a classic look that comes from its crocodile bands.