Why Christian Dating Relationships Are Not All About Chemistry

The issue of chemistry in relationships has been a controversial issue, which has made many Christian dating singles to either leave the current relationships they are in or developed a sense of skepticism on each other. The fact is that they have let it be a thorn in the flesh, as they use the society’s measure of true relationships, forgetting that it is the Lord who created us and he is aware of what we want. Chemistry among dating partners is the wrong way to look at a relationship.

Christian dating is far from outside attraction alone. Chemistry means that there are things among the two you that are bringing you on the same point of view and you can agree on most issues as you are at ease and you are really attracted to each other. This might be the case, where after you had dated for sometime, you realize that the kind of chemistry you had is drying up and you are not agreeing on various fronts. The answer is simple; there was not chemistry in the first instance. It was mere attraction. Otherwise, were it true chemistry that brought the two together, then there could be nothing like waning love and attraction.

Chemistry in Christian dating can easily be manifested through distinct ways. The contemporary world looks at attraction as being represented in physical attraction and outward beauty. It is easy to be attracted to someone, but it does not mean that you have chemistry. In the bible, Eve was created from the ribs of Adam, and this is a true case of chemistry. What the world is calling chemistry is compatibility. It is a realization that as much as your personality and attitude seem to be the same, there is that inherent quality which will always draw you together. Christian dating singles must realize that true chemistry is absolute compatibility, what makes your friends say that those two were made for each other.

A relationship is made up of two individuals who are in love, or have a duty to each other, seeking to make their union work. It is when the relationship has been faced by tough choices and problems that you can check whether it was true chemistry that brought you together. The problems might be the parting point, or the point of cementing the relationship forever. This is because if it was true chemistry, you will always be doing something that runs deeper than normal duty in Christian dating relationships, to make sure the other partner is back to his/her normal self without hurting them or their egos.

A relationship is about responsibility towards each other. The individual who depicts true compatibility and chemistry in a Christian dating relationship is that person who is ready to sacrifice all if it jeopardizes his/her chances of being responsible and duty bound to the other person. You will always be feeling indebted to do more in the relationship, so that you can continue enjoying the joys of your union for longer. Rather than wither away, a relationship that has people who are not only ready to serve each other but also ready to rectify the stressful situation and cement it more means that a sense of responsibility and duty for each other usurps mere chemistry.