What To Know About A Herniated Disc

Lower back pain is one of the leading causes of disability, and an estimated 30% of U.S. citizens suffer from back pain regularly, while about 80% worldwide will suffer back pain that causes emotional, physical, and economic problems in their everyday life.

Most Common Symptoms Of A Herniated Disc           

Stiff Neck

Tingling Or Numbness

Sciatic Pain

Muscle Spasms

Burning Or Hot Pain

Weak Muscles

Incontinence *

*Go to the ER right away if you lose control of your bowels, as the symptom of incontinence, due to a herniated disc, can be life-threatening.

A Little Information About The Spine

The spine is made up of five sections with a total of 33 vertebrae, from the top of the neck (cervical) down to the four smallest bones in the spine known as the coccygeal region.

Between each vertebra are round like cushions that have a spongy jelly-like consistency known as an intervertebral disc or nucleus pulposus. These cushions help to keep the bones in your spine from touching each other or pinching nerves.

A herniated disc happens when the inner layer of the disc ruptures due to wear and tear. When the viscous layer begins to leak, there is no more cushioning between that particular vertebrae, causing inflammation and excruciating pain. Knowing what a herniated disc is and how to treat the symptoms is the difference in whether the slipped disc is disabling you from having a healthy pain-free life.

To help you diagnose and alleviate symptoms, find a chiropractor or get a referral from a doctor to find out if you have a herniated disc.

Reasons For A Herniated Disc Varies

Injury to the spine can be due to a sudden blow causing a disc to rupture due to the pressure. If you’ve had a car accident, fallen, or have been hit in the spine, and have not felt any relief after the accident, then you might have a herniated disc. A MRI scan from a doctor is one way to diagnose a herniated disc. Other factors that may indicate you have a herniated disc include:



Poor Posture


Post Traumatic Injury

And More

Low Back Pain Is Expensive

The estimate on lost wages and low productivity costs show that the financial burden of lower back pain in American economy brakes down to about 100 billion dollars each year in medical spending and sick leave because daily pain ceases to go away. For an alternative relief to the symptoms of a herniated disc, ask a doctor if a spinal adjustment from a chiropractor in Tucker and Brookhaven, GA could help reduce the pain.