What Makes A Landscape Beautiful?


What makes a landscape beautiful? That’s a really difficult question to answer because, well, there is no definitive answer. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. In other words, we are the judges and we individually decide whether we find something beautiful or not. One person may find a particular scene beautiful, astounding and captivating, while another may find it dull, bland and boring. It’s up to us to decide.

What is beauty?

Beauty is different things to different people. Some people think chaos is beautiful, while others find beauty in order. For example, some people find undisturbed forests beautiful, while others see beauty in a neat and orderly garden. It’s generally agreed that beauty is something that inspires a range of feelings, such as creativity and thought in the viewer. Some people just think beauty is anything that looks nice or pleasant.

It’ll hit you

When you see a landscape, you should know right away whether you find it beautiful or not. Beauty is something that astounds us and leaves a lasting impression on people. It’s for this reason that artists usually choose a landscape they find beautiful and not just any old landscape. If they find a particular landscape beautiful, chances are that others, i.e. potential customers, will too. If people find a landscape painting beautiful, they’re more likely to appreciate it.

Creating beauty

When it comes to landscape paintings, a good artist can take even the ugliest of landscapes and turn them into something beautiful. They can do this by using particular brush strokes, playing about with light and colours or using a number of different effects. Even the paints you use can produce different effects. Sometimes it’s not the setting that’s beautiful but the way it’s captured. You can still be inspired by something you would normally consider ugly because of the way it’s presented to you.

Artists add emotion to a landscape

People do consider landscape paintings beautiful because they offer the artist’s own perspective of a particular place. The artist is trying to capture their feelings and emotions about the place they’re painting and they’re trying to capture the character and essence of the place. This is much different from taking a photo of the place, for example. With photos, you just click a button and the landscape’s there in the photo. With a painting, there’s more creativity involved as the artist has to recreate the scene and can add touches here and there.

So what does make a landscape beautiful?

There are so many beautiful landscapes and beautiful landscape paintings out there. Landscape artists try to create landscape paintings that are considered beautiful. They do this by depicting a landscape they themselves and others would consider beautiful. Another option is to take something not necessarily beautiful and try to make it beautiful by presenting it in a certain way.