What is classic fashion?

Classic describes your style perfectly. You prefer timeless looks, beautiful but simple cuts in clothing, fine natural fabrics, and leather shoes and handbags. Tradition is important to you. You may occasionally become frustrated when you can’t find the exact style of a beloved item of clothing, handbag, or shoe that has worn out. And you frequently keep your fashion accessories and clothing until they are worn, just because much of what you buy does not go out of style.

Although you won’t be the flashiest person in a room, you will always look good.

The Classic Fashion Personality’s Closet

A peek into your closet reveals many neutral colors, especially black and frequently navy. You own at least one little black dress and possibly several. You also tend to prefer solid colors, rather than prints. Most of your dresses and skirts fall to the knee.

You look for value in your wardrobe choices. Of all the fashion personality types, the classic type is most interested in investment dressing. You are not afraid to spend money on clothing or accessories that will last a long time nor do you hesitate to spend money on alterations so that your clothing will fit well.

The Classic Fashion Personality at Work and Play

Business demands a tailored look, in your opinion, and so tailored has become your mantra in the workplace. You don’t mind wearing a suit to work. If you were notified at work that you had to give a presentation to a large group in an hour, you wouldn’t worry that you were dressed inappropriately.

You tend to dress a bit more formally than your co-workers.

Your work wardrobe is more of a reflection of your fashion personality than your play wardrobe. You have more problems putting together a play wardrobe than a work wardrobe. You’re sometimes unsure of which type of clothing would be appropriate for casual wear.

Shopping and the Classic Fashion Personality

You tend to gravitate towards more expensive clothing. Because value is also important to you, you’ve become very adept at shopping sales. You sometimes have a difficult time selecting jeans and casual clothing though because they aren’t your favorites, so you tend not to want to spend much time shopping for them.

Tweaking the Style of the Classic Fashion Personality

Although your style is timeless and serves you well in most cases, you could project a more updated look without losing your classic fashion personality by adding a few trendy items to your wardrobe. Choose a couple low-cost trendy accessories each season, and wear them right away. You’ll benefit from projecting a more modern look. Forget investment dressing when it comes to buying trendy fashion, and stick to budget selections. You can also punch up your wardrobe by adding bright color pops and more prints. Soften your serious fashion personality by adding some clothing with ruffles or other feminine details.