Tricks to Reduce Scar Formation

After surgical procedures, scarring is normal. Scarring is an outcome of surgical procedures. After tissue has been injured or removed, it starts to heal. Although this is a natural process, many people don’t want to live with scars. They want to avoid them as much as possible. Scars can be a problem for the aesthetics. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid or at least minimize scarring. You can find some of our top tips and tricks to reduce scarring in the article below.

How and why do scars form?

The wound heals and the skin is reformed in the affected area to protect it against external influences. The scar tissue is formed by the formation collagen fibers. The scar tissue becomes hardened by the collagen fibers that are arranged randomly. This can cause pain and limit mobility. We can alter the mobility and visibility of newly formed tissue by using a specific treatment.

How to reduce scarring

  1. Make sure you keep your wounds clean

You will use different methods depending on the severity of the wound. The nurse will take care of the wound after the surgery, but you must care for it yourself when you return home. It is important to properly treat the wound from the beginning to avoid scarring. It is important to clean it regularly and wash it with warm water and mild soap.

  1. You should ensure that the area remains moist at all times

It is important to keep the area moist as the wound heals. This will help to create collagen fibers and scar tissue. Vaseline and other occlusives can be used to protect the skin from outside influences while keeping it hydrated. The tissue will be more flexible if it is well moisturized. This will also reduce the stiffness of the surrounding joints and scars. To provide additional protection, you can apply a sticky bandage or scar tissue after applying the occlusive.

  1. Good massages can make a big difference.

Massage it often to reduce its hardness and density. Do not be too harsh. However, you should apply pressure that is comfortable for your skin and feels effective. Apply body oil or body milk with vitamin E before the massage to help your skin heal quickly and hydrate optimally. You will soon feel comfortable and will begin to see the benefits.

You can start by applying very little pressure and gradually increase the pressure until you feel no pain. For ten minutes, move the skin in all directions. To maximize your results, repeat the entire process multiple times per day.

You can also buy electric massagers that you can use for scar tissue massage.

  1. Supplements that promote wound healing are an option

It is important to look at the scar from multiple angles when trying to reduce it after a surgery. It is a good idea for patients to use supplements that heal wounds and prevent scarring. Zennutrients offers WoundVite which you can purchase online. Devan Patel from Tampa, Florida, developed this product.

  1. Light exercises

It is a good idea to do some physical activity each day to reduce scarring and keep the joints and tendons from becoming stiffer. We don’t recommend any type of exercise if the entire region is still sensitive and painful. Start with mild movements of malice if your body is ready. To increase the mobility of your joints and reduce scar tissue, you can bend and stretch them. While you can always switch to more difficult exercises in the future, it is important to pick those that are most comfortable for your body and don’t require too much effort if they are not.

  1. Don’t forget sun protection

Remember that scar tissue is sensitive and can become hyperpigmented. After the scar tissue has healed, you should apply sunscreen daily. To ensure your skin is protected, we recommend applying sunscreen with a minimum of 30 SPF and reapplying every 2 hours. To protect the new tissue, do this for the first year following surgery. Avoid direct sun exposure if possible, especially during the most damaging times of the day.


A scar is usually left on the skin after surgery. This is a problem that many people don’t like and they want to reduce or eliminate scar tissue. There are some things you can do that will reduce the visibility of scar tissue. You should clean the wound and protect it with occlusives to prevent it from drying out. Light exercises, manual or electric massages, and supplements to heal wounds are all important. To prevent hyperpigmentation of scar tissue, make sure you use sunscreen. Regular treatments and the right approach will help reduce scar visibility.