Trendy Yet Classy!

“Styles-styles everywhere, but not the one which sticks”. Yes, this is the problem for each of us youngster these days. There are a lot of hairstyles after which every youngster is going all guns blazing, but they are not able to style them correctly. Using the bigger amount of gel or any other product does nothing but add to the problem. If you want to avoid this problem you have to get that hair style in a correct fashion. So get ready guys, here we go with the perfect steps to get the perfect hair style.

  1. UnderCut: The first to make to our list is undercut.

This hair style has short on the sides and long at top hairs.

Perfect for: Straight, wavy and curly hairs.

Features: Short sides, combed or naturally settled long hairs on top.

How to Get:

The sides are firstly trimmed short using clippers.

Then there is an option to go for a faded or a disconnected undercut.

Faded Undercut: The sides are blended with the top hairs.

Disconnected Undercut: There is no connection between top and bottom hairs, they are completely isolated. 

The top hairs are then left loose or combed as per individual choice. 

  1. Rough Man Bun:

“Long Long going on”

Man bun is a hairstyle with long hairs tied at top center. This hair cut does not require any specific cuts or style. This hair style gained a lot of appreciation in the western countries due to cool yet easy to do rough structure.

Perfect for: Any type of hairs.

Features: Long neat hair knots at top.

How to Get:

Easiest hair style to do.

Just grow your hairs long and tie a top knot with heavy sides. 

TO add more to this hairstyle, heavy beard is preferred. 

  1. Gentlemen’s Side Part:

This hair style has short on sides and normal at top hairs.

Perfect for: Straight, wavy and curly hairs, avoided for extra long hairs.

Features: Short sides, combed or naturally settled long hairs on top.

How to Get:

Keep heavy hairs on top.

Make different density fades at both sides.

Parting and settling of hairs is done from the lighter side to lower side usually.

Light Beards can be used to compliment the haircut. 

  1. Fades:

This hair style has short on side hairs. It differs slightly from undercut that the top hairs are more on the short side but neat in nature.

Perfect for: Straight and wavy hairs.

Fades are avoided for curly hairs.

Features: Short sides, spiked or neatly arranged top hairs.

How to Get:

Sides are trimmed using clippers.

Top hairs are cut short to medium and are arranged naturally. 

So these were top trending hairstyles which are easy to get. To have a good outlook and the perfect shine regular care of hair should be taken. Getting a timely haircut, regular conditioning, hydrating and oiling them once in a week help in maintaining healthy hairs. Hope this article will provide you a good idea for styling hacks.