The Daily Skin Care Regime that’s changing the game

When it comes to a daily skin care regime, it can be quite complicated to know exactly what’s best to use. We get indoctrinated with dozens of products, variations and ways to apply them. I went on the hunt for something simple that could be used effectively everyday without the fuss.

I found KoScrub.

The official KoScrub mission statement reads:

“The story behind KoScrub is that we were seeing so many trends come and go within the beauty industry and understand just how difficult it’s becoming for you find a product you can trust and actually works.

Instead of 3-5 products used in combination, we wanted to make sure you just need one. Instead of a product filled with chemicals, we wanted your KoScrub to be all natural. Instead of something which is finished within a month, we wanted your KoScrub to last 3. Instead of a product with cheap components, we wanted your KoScrub to have only the highest grade premium ingredients. Instead of something which is not sustainable for the environment, we wanted your KoScrub to be eco-friendly.

In an age of an abundance of skin care products. KoScrub gives you something that many do not.

Simplicity and effectiveness.

You can search for your KoScrub kit here:

Instead of a trend that comes and goes. We wanted KoScrub to come and grow. “

Could it really be true?

At first it seemed too good to be true. How can a plant compete against the big brands which have dedicated millions to producing the latest cleansers, toners, exfoliators etc.

My apprehension took me on an internet search on Konjac and it’s properties. To my surprise, the claims were true. I even went onto read a study in the American Journal of Dermatology, which showed that Konjac has the potential to stop the growth of bacteria that causes acne!

What I thought about my KoScrub experience!

I decided to place an order and I’m so glad I did. It was as easy as they described. Simply choose the correct infusion for your skin type, soak in water, massage around your face daily and feel the benefits.

I got a mixed kit and started with the Green Tea infusion. After about 7 days my skin felt so much smoother and there’s a glow to it that I didn’t have before! I even started getting compliments from my friends.

What drew me to KoScrub over other competitors was the fact that it had a 96% premium Konjac extract and offered a 30 day money back guarantee. After reading the reviews it was clear to see that the company very much focuses on the quality of product and wants to give customers the best experience possible.