Successful Dating Relationships – Finding The Right Kind Of Partner

A successful dating relationship depends a lot on finding the right kind of a partner. It is impossible to understand the character or behavior patterns of a person even after years of interaction, let alone at the first glance. Therefore, to start a successful relationship you need tremendous patience, communication, and open mindedness. You can have a successful relationship by taking some precautions and by following some practical guidelines.

Let your past help your future

Face it we have all had past relationships that may have started well enough but didn’t end so well, and for those of you who have had success the first time out congratulations and well done, but for the rest of us this hasn’t been the case so let your past help you with your future. Look back and what did and didn’t work in your previous relationships, that means not just looking at your partners but also at yourself because face it we weren’t saints either. I am sure you have all heard the term baggage as it refers to relationships so lets open that luggage and unpack it already. Past experiences are wonderful learning tools for future endeavors in the dating arena. I believe that my current relationships is working so well because I took a long look at what worked and didn’t work for me in the past and made sure what didn’t, didn’t come with me.

Communication, open your mouth and let it out

Dating is a lot like ordering from a menu at a restaurant after all you wouldn’t just go out to dinner and tell the waiter bring me what you like now would you Dating is much the same way, we expect our partners to just instinctively know what it is we want or need, to anticipate everything as it pertains to us. This is a complete and utter falsehood, they have no clue what we want or need this is why it is so important to put being shy and fearful aside and verbalize what works and doesn’t work for you, what you want and what you need from them for you to have a happy, healthy and successful partnership. I was very clear with my partner in our first conversation about who I was, what I was looking for, what I needed from a partner, yes it was difficult to be that honest but I don’t regret it at all because I had nothing to loose in the first place and well we have a great relationship today and we continue to check in with each other about what works and doesn’t work for us.

Don’t loose yourself

Lastly but most importantly don’t loose your identity in your relationship, do not become what you think your partner wants you to be in order for he or she to be with you. After all it was you being you that attracted them to you in the first place so please don’t forget that. I see so many of my friends give up who they are, give up their autonomy and become what they think their partners want, if you have to do that for someone you think you love, then it isn’t love it is you fading into the wallpaper and allowing your needs to go unmet in order to have what you think is love.