Steps in Getting a Job in a Celebrity Home

While most of us dreamed of living in the luxury of a beautiful home like those celebrity homes we see in the papers, in the internet or in television, many are finding ways in living in these homes that require less preparation. Not all of us can afford to achieve our dreams and own a multi-million home just like that. However, we have alternatives in making our dreams come true. One of these alternatives is getting a job in one of the many extravagant celebrity homes for you to live in your dream house. These celebrities have a high maintenance lifestyle that entails them to hire personal assistants, chef, trainer, security guard, babysitter, house managers, interior designer, house cleaner and nannies. Applying for these kinds of jobs are rather easy but getting hired is the major challenge for those who are interested.

Celebrities are always careful in screening applicants that they think would best fit in the work. Considering that they are famous people, their lives are prone to threats and other forms of danger. Trust is something very essential for most celebrities who hire people to work for them. Furthermore, experience gives you an edge in being chosen among other applicant. In preparation for such, here are some steps you may want to follow.

Research. Just like any job, it’s definitely a plus if you have a background on the company you are applying for. Search for information about the family, home address, hobbies, and all other details you may need to know about the celebrity you want to work for. With this information, you can have an overview if you will enjoy working with that particular celebrity or not. Also, you need to gather information regarding your job. If you are a chef for instance, you might want to know the favorite cuisine of your celebrity employer.

Transfer. Move into the celebrity’s vicinity. Inquire from residents or local officials what the celebrity does often in the neighborhood. Chances in getting hired are better when you live in the same community. Remember, trust is what you should earn from them and being in the same locality gives you that advantage.

Promote. Make posters or fliers that could advertise your services. Or better yet, develop ads and websites so that it is easier for them to recognize you.

Interact. Have strong references by working for influential people. They may not be celebrities but they can be recognized personalities in the neighborhood or elsewhere and are acquainted with the stars. Do not fail to ask for permission when you want to make them as your reference. You can also contact the personal assistant directly. They are indeed the right people to ask about the job. They serve as your gate towards your dream house! With the same enthusiasm in getting information about the celebrity, acquire details about the PA’s too. Exchange business cards with them if possible.

Prepare. You don’t want all your efforts be to put to waste right? Do some warm-ups before getting into the battle. Prepare you attire, your resumé, and your mind and body for the interview. Stay professional and do not get too enthusiastic when you are finally given the chance to be interviewed. Celebrities do not want to work with people who are most likely to become stalkers or obsessed fans.

Working with celebrities especially in celebrity homes gives you more than just what you want for a living. Being in those mansions alone is already an awesome experience. Plus, you’ll be getting the pay you deserve. Just make sure that you are responsible in doing your tasks at the same time you are enjoying your work.