Researching a New Location

When you are thinking of moving to a new house a key objective is to first research locations. Finding out everything you can about the area you plan to move into can save an awful lot of heartache and regret further down the line.

Looking for a new home? You’re sure to hear advice from all sides about choosing the right location, but knowing what to look for in that location is key to a happy move. Read below to find some important considerations to take into account before moving to a new house.

Location, Location, Location

You will have a list of requirements for the type of property you want to move to; whether it is a house, apartment or bungalow; how many bedrooms; garden or no garden, and so on. That’s the easy part and one which your estate agent will be only too happy to help with.

What the agent can’t help with though is information about your chosen location. Sure, they can tell you the basics about an area but can you be certain they will tell you the unvarnished truth – the good bits and the not so good bits?

Start by narrowing down your choice to two, three or four different areas and compare property or rental prices. This can give you an idea of how much appeal an area has as well as which areas offer value for money in terms of house prices. If possible, make several visits to the area, during the day, at night-time and at weekends. That way you will get a good feel for how quiet, or busy it is at different times. Many have made the mistake of viewing a property on a peaceful weekday afternoon only to find that weekends are a noisy nightmare!

If you feel at all uncertain then then look for a short-term furnished rental so you are not committing too much money to buying a place. You can always store your belongings in a self storage facility until you are absolutely certain the area is the right place to buy a home for you. There are plenty of good self storage deals out there so the cost will be minimal compared to a house purchase.

Research Schools

If you are taking your children out of a school where they are currently happy and settled it is essential to find a new school which won’t prove too traumatic for them. Moving house is difficult enough without causing the kids too much upset! The internet is a good source of information, either using the school’s own website or something like the mumsnet forums. Buy a copy of the local newspaper or look through their online archives for articles and stories about local schools. These will often tell you what sanitised school websites can’t. Pop into local shops or cafés and talk to people.

Transport Links

If you are moving to a different town or city you need to consider whether this will mean extra travelling time for work, and for getting the kids to school. If you plan to use your car try doing a ‘dry run’ from the planned new location to your place of work and to the new school. Otherwise research train and bus timetables. The internet is a valuable tool in this; many public transport companies now have their own mobile apps for you to download which tell you everything you need to know about using their services.

Crime Rates

When moving to a new home it is important that you know everything about the area you’re moving to and in this day and age crime is a concern for many. Again, the internet is informative and allows you to research a postcode area to get an idea of how safe, or otherwise, it is.