My Beautiful Self

As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Well, in 2014, beauty is defined in many more ways, as the minds of humans open up to the entire world, and realize; beauty is not just based on one idea of what true beauty really is. Recently the world has been graced by the presence of an actress that defines beauty in just her presence, and confidence in her smile. Her name is Lupita Nyong’o. Lupita is a young girl from Kenya who has emerged on the world stage, and she embodies fashion, poise, and beauty.

Our perception of beauty has been forever changed. Hollywood must recognize the attention granted to this young lady, as truly beautiful. When we think of beauty it does not always need to be a flawless face, a perfect body, or a head of long flowing hair. Beauty is a mind of genius, a heart of love, and enough will power to change the world. There are those who base their opinions on the opinions of others, then there are those who truly embrace the spirit of a person, and see them shining as they are, not as the superficial world would have them to be.

Natural beauty is taking the stage as the definition of true beauty. A woman, who embraces herself, loves her natural beauty, and allows her spirit to shine through. Let’s redefine what it means to be beautiful; a face that smiles in the face of tumult, a heart that beats triumph, and represents what it is to truly share love for the human race. There is beauty in the simple things. As the world continues to grow towards spiritual awakening, and enlightenment, we will see an embodiment of this in the things that the media chooses to shine light on as beautiful.

When one can look in the mirror, and love what one sees, then we have accomplished what it means to acknowledge beauty. We are all made to be who we are. There is something about each and every one of us that is beautiful, once we recognize that that one thing, no matter what we look like on the outside is our spirit within, we will find bliss.

Treating others as we want to be treated, saying hi to someone who seems to be lonely, and holding the door for an elder, smiling at a stranger in passing, for starters. On a personal note, we should utilize the discoveries of these times that enhance natural beauty through natural healing methods to take care of internal health. Put our health first, feeling good within, radiates outward, and creates an atmosphere of happiness.

To sum up this confession, self-acceptance is beauty. You are glamorous when you see yourself as glamorous, when you carry yourself in a glamorous light. To hear Lupita Nyong’o story allows us all the chance to look within, and relate to our perception of ourselves, it’s about knowing that because you are, literally, just because you are, makes you and everyone around you beautiful in his or her own way.