In Need of a Transfer between Miami Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport? Choose Twelve Transfers!

Catching a ride between two airports can prove something not that easy to handle, especially if time is hardly ever on your side. Throw an important meeting in the mix and what you have is an extremely delicate situation, one where you need someone with the right assets to get you there on time, safe and sound. Most likely you’re already a fan of the private transfer business and its benefits.

Choosing a private transfer between two airports is a great way to make the most of your time while also benefiting from the comfort a service like this provides. With your luggage secured in the trunk and you safely on the back seat of a luxurious car, you can sit back and enjoy the ride. If you need to do actual work while on the go you’ll be able to, as most cars provide Wi-Fi for the passengers in order to help them make the most of every minute spent in the car.

If this is your first time having to move between Miami Airport and Fort Lauderdale Airport, you’re going to need all the info you can handle in order to make the right choice for your upcoming trip – rest assured, we’ve already got all the details for you. They reside into the experience of a well-known airport transfer company over the Atlantic!

Yes, Twelve Transfers is now available in the Miami area as well and it’s ready to change the game. The London-based company crossed the ocean after more than 6 years of perfecting the airport transfer business back in the UK. Now they’re bringing all that knowledge to Florida and trust us, you’ll want to experience this.

Twelve Transfers has managed to impress over the years through a simple formula: low fares, luxurious cars, a lovely customer care department and an infinite pool of resources when it comes to making every customer feel taken care of from start to finish. You might think this is not something spectacular – and you may be right, but not many companies actually believe in these things. The guys at Twelve Transfers truly want to make you feel comfortable and safe for the whole duration of the journey and that is why they go the extra mile each time.

We have a hunch that the ‘low fares’ part caught your attention specifically and, lucky for you, we’re here to expand on that. It’s true, the prices at Twelve Transfers are quite small – actually, they’re up to 20% smaller than most their competitors. Isn’t it amazing to have an airport transfer service in Florida that manages to deliver rides both price-friendly and luxurious and comfortable at the same time? You can be the next protagonist of a great limo experience from Miami Airport to Fort Lauderdale Airport. All you have to do is head over to the Twelve Transfers official website and start with a free quote – you’ll see for yourself that limo airport transfers are now affordable as well as comfortable!