How To Realize A Healthy Dating Relationship

It is what every person aspires to have, a healthy dating relationship. It is much sought after by many dating couples. It is their dream to have a model of a relationship. Unfortunately, it is so elusive to the extent that many relationships have turned into casual affairs that lack enough commitment. A healthy dating relationship relies mostly on the concept of giving.

Be a person who is always willing to give instead of expecting to be given. Do not have limitations in giving, give out generously and your rewards will be abundant. Giving in this case is not material but learning to love your partner and express it in every possible means and ways. Even the holy book says that if you give handsomely you will be rewarded in equal measure. A relationship that is based on love is like a house built on a rock, it can weather any storm.

People in a healthy relationship should be able to derive fulfillment and contentment from it. A person’s emotional and physical needs ought to be met by the relationship. The relationship becomes like a spring where your thirst can be quenched. When a relationship is healthy you will feel it. You feel you are so deep into your partner that you live for this relationship. You feel things can never be the same again if at all it was curtailed. You live for it, it is your everything. It forms your dreams during the night and you day dream about it during the day. All these are manifestations of a deep fulfillment; a contentment that envelopes your heart with such a good feeling making you realize that you are in a healthy relationship.

A relationship is not always a bed of roses as many people tend to believe. Sometimes it is rocked by infighting and division. We are all human beings and we are all deficient in our own small ways. We are bound to disagree in one way or another at one time or another. Such differences are an indicator of good health in a relationship. Otherwise if everything was so smooth, you would become worn out with monotony. You might actually lack something to talk about. Sometimes you feel closer to your partner after a quarrel! A healthy dating relationship should overcome these differences by being accommodative to them. Accommodate your partners shortcomings. No one is perfect in this world. We are all riddled with a myriad of weaknesses that haunt us everywhere even right inside a relationship.

A healthy dating relationship is built on many pillars. But in order to streamline this pillars so that they can support one entity, their ought to be communication. It is the engine oil of a healthy dating relationship. Communication in a relationship implies that you do not hide and keep feelings to yourself, whether good or bad. Talk with your partner on how you feel about certain issues in the relationship. Do not play your cards under the table. It will make the relationship unhealthy. Share your hopes, dreams and desires and have a capacity for patience, understanding and tolerance.