Flying within the US Carrying Vape Juice

For starters, you should know that there are several airlines which allow the passengers to bring Vape juice on the planes. In the US bringing Vape juice on planes is very common, but if it does not mean that you can carry loads of the stuff and smoke it. There are a lot of rules and laws which you should be aware before you take the vape juice on the plane. Before you go on a plane, you should always check the airline rules and regulations which relate with Vape or vaping. You should always comply with their policies while flying within the US carrying Vape juice.


According to the TSA, i.e., the transportation security administration you can bring the electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices on board the plane. You can bring vape juice. Batteries, e-cigarettes, atomizers. You can bring these items and place them in the carry-on bags. However, you should know that the TSA prohibits that these items are in the checked bags. So, if you are traveling on a plane, you can carry these devices, but only on carry-on bags and no others. You should also familiarize yourself with the TSA rules and regulations. You do not want to get into any trouble for not knowing the law.

Vape juices

You can bring the vape juices on the planes. If you are flying in the air within the US, you can bring Vape juices and other e-juices. You can carry 100 ml of vape juice on the airplane while flying in the US. No matter which state you fly, you can have this amount of vape juice with you. If you have more than 100 ml, you will have to put it in the checked bag. And you are not allowed to have vape juices in the checked bags. It means that you cannot have more than 100 ml of Vape juice with you while you fly in the US. Also, you should not carry the vape juice in a transparent container. These glass containers are considered hazardous. The glass containers are also prone to breakage and leakage. It is why the passengers are not allowed to carry vape juices in these glass containers.

You can bring the vape juices on a plane, but you need to be responsible. Do not smoke the vape juices while you are flying. It may be a crime in certain States. You can get the vape products from SmokingThings.