Explore Dubai within a Short Time – Dubai Airport Layover and Stopover Tours

Dubai is the fastest growing transit hub of the world and comprises of one of the nicest airports. The Dubai International Airport has all the amenities to make it a destination to spend some quality hours during a few hour layover or stopover over the city. The Dubai International airport is roughly 3 miles outside Dubai, making it a accessible destination for visitors to go around the city for few hours. A layover is normally for a few hours and a stopover is of more time in the airport.

There are tour specialists or service providers who can turn your few hours stay in the city a memorable one. Dubai Airport layover tours will be the best option if you are in Dubai for few hours and book Dubai Airport Stopover tours if you are in the city for a day or two.

Dubai airport is hosting millions of passengers every year and there are many transit passengers making use of Dubai’s strategic location between Africa, Asia and Europe. Layovers are normally brief affairs, where passengers are rushing from one gate to the other. Sometimes, however, the passengers spend more time stopping over Dubai, and most times they wonder what to do with their free time on hand. Go around the Dubai city and visit the monumental places if you have never have been to Dubai. The city has transformed itself to a monumental place for visitors looking for a different slice of excitement in their life.

Visit Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa

It is one of the best options for people who are for a limited time to explore Dubai. Head to Dubai Mall on Dubai layover tours and shop from some of the best brand outlet. Burj Khalifa is also located nearby alongside Dubai Fountain. You can take a taxi or a metro from the airport – you can find more information about Dubai public transport here. Neither option is very expensive, but metro might be faster especially during the rush hours. You can also contact the Dubai tour experts to arrange a stopover or layover tour.

Things that can be seen and done at the Dubai Mall –

Burj Khalifa

It is regarded as the tallest building in the world which is equally impressive form the top and below. Go to the top of the tower to be able to view the entire city from the best location. It is a popular and sold-out scene. Book your tickets in advance and get the best facilities.

At the top Burj Khalifa, you have the world’s largest free standing structure and the place has its own uniqueness. Dubai airport layover tours ensure a sure sort visit to the iconic spot.

Dubai Fountain

It is the series of fountain which has a great attraction among kids and families. It is the experience and show that you cannot afford to miss. Catch the Dubai music and light show that will really amaze you. It is the world’s largest choreographed fountain, in the shadow of the world’s tallest building.

The daily light and water spectacle lasts about five minutes and is accompanied by an eclectic soundtrack that varies depending on the show timing. Dubai layover tours are ideal to visit the place and the surroundings.

Dubai Aquarium

It is located inside the Dubai Mall and hosts hundreds and thousands of tourists every month. The big aquarium can be seen from the mall itself. It is the best option to book the tickets in advance for the best utilization of time. Dubai layover tours best suit the requirements as you land at the Dubai International airport for few hours.

Lots to see and do at the Dubai Mall

The mall is hosting some of the best cuisines around the world and top shopping destinations. Spend quality time in the mall exploring the different aspects of Dubai at one place.

Things that can be visited on a single day Dubai Stopover Tour

There are many attractions in Dubai based on the popularity and relative proximity to the airport. Adjust the itinerary below based on the length of your layover, and the date and timing of your arrival.

Al Fahidi Historical District

This historical district provides lot of details and information about the Dubai culture and history.  The closest metro station is the Al Fahidi Metro Station, on the Green Line. There are many small museums in this area, which are either free or have a very low entrance fee. Make your stopover to the airport count by booking Dubai Airport Stopover Tours.

Dubai Traditional Souks

Head over to the Souqs once you are done with the Dubai Museum. It is a few minutes away from the Dubai Museum. There you can get the best pashminas, carpets, harem pants, embroidered purses and sequined slippers for sale.

Down Town Dubai

Head to the Downtown Dubai as you are done with shopping at the Dubai Mall. The place has a great collection of International cuisines, fancy restaurants and snack stalls.

Normally layover tours are form few hours and the stopover tour can be extended hours or a day. Utilize the time to visit the top rated spots nearby the Dubai International airport. The tour or travel service providers in Dubai ensure different types of tours like Dubai Airport Layover Tours and Dubai Airport Stopover Tours. This article will provide some details of the spots that can be visited during a stopover or layover tour.