Dating Relationships Outside Marriage – What Is The Allure?

Is it possible to engage in romance relationships outside wedlock? It is considered taboo, but how ironical. Many “happily married couples” are busy in dating relationships with one or several partners without the knowledge of their spouses. Affairs outside marriage relationships are generally frowned upon by the very same people who are in the practice. Talk of an ostrich burying it’s head in the sand. Relationships outside marriage are a reality and they are with us. What prompts a person to leave the precincts of holy matrimony and venture into the unknown? Does it mean the pastures are greener outside there? Or have the pastures at home become unpalatable? Relationships are complex institutions and the marriage institution is no better. A marriage is full of Waterloos and if you miss one you are bound to encounter another. You tread with a lot of care and caution.

The sweetness of stolen waters is legendary. Otherwise why would a self respecting person who has a partner in a marriage union have romance relationships on the periphery? The fear of being caught or discovered by your partner while making love with another person is nerve raking. It makes the body to be highly alert. To be precise, the body is ready for flight. The whole body is drenched in adrenaline. This only serves to fuel sexual excitement in a person. The more the adrenaline the more sexual hormones are released. Sexual excitement, desire and urge surges to unprecedented levels. Sex at this juncture is just overwhelming, simply unbelievable. Not to be compared to the routine sex in marriage relationships. Sex in such dating relationships hardly fades from your memory. A journey through the path of sexual healing. No wonder it is so sweet to stray.

Unfulfilled expectations inside the marriage relationships is what makes many couples to search for better fodder. Relationships are mind games and you have to be at the top of the game at all times. If you fail to control the game well, it goes out of hand. Your partner must feel loved and appreciated. Make them feel that they are special to you and they mean a whole world to you. Always keep fueling their interest or someone else will catch their interest. If there is no romance they will look for romance relationships. If you do not keep re-inventing your relationship with new innovative things to keep the fire burning, they will be tempted to start new dating relationships. Be a person of surprise and mystery and your partner will always be hanging by your every word. Wondering which type of hat trick you are trying to cook this time.

In spite of all this, the bedroom remains the all time marriage relationships spoiler. The bedroom is the fireworks theater where all the passions are consummated. The highest levels of intimacy are expressed here. Lack of enough fire in the bedroom marks the beginning of romance relationships and other dating relationships as couples try to escape the coldness in the marital bedroom. In their quest to re-ignite their sex lives, they stray into strange beds which offer them sexual experiences that were lacking previously in the bedroom.