Dating Relationships – Celebrating a Great Relationship

Dating relationships are perfected by constant attraction that two people have on each other. Each and every relationship has the potential to take root and have a long life, as much as the parties to the relationship have the will to make it so. It takes the zeal and zest of two people inclined at perfecting their game to make a relationship be the best they have ever had, and if it’s foundations are not built on lust and sexual pleasures only, it can easily be the best thing that a human being can easily term as a romantic endeavor capable of withstanding the tumultuous test of time. If there is anything that can easily make your dating relationships go sour, it is miscommunication and lack of sincerity, while openness and the respect of the other party’s affairs can only make you be stronger and enjoy your fruitful endearment.

It is said that a relationship is made in heaven, in fact, each and every relationship is customized in heaven and it will take a disjointed effort of two people to take it into the perils of hell. All dating relationships are like human beings. Human beings were created by God and put into this world to take charge of their destiny with their trust in God. We were all created by the hands of God and it can be that we are creations of heaven put into the planet earth to sojourn until we make our way home.

On the other hand, as much as we are creations of heaven, we have a choice to make our way to the walls of Heaven or the fury of hell. It is our decision. What God does is to give us choices and instigation, but since he blessed us with intellect, the decisions are primarily ours. This is why dating relationships and any other relationship built on trust has the capacity to soar into an entity full of love and true romantic associations. Again, the decision is primarily yours and mine. This is the reason as to why it is more than clear that all of our relationships are ordained by God and blessed by his lips but destroyed by the hands of our own undoing.

Sometimes saying that the individual who has been characterizing your dating relationships might not be the right person for you can easily be a wrong move and self afflicted lie. It’s clear that such fetishes are again the ingredients that will lead into a demise of the relationship, since it corrupts you into believing so. It is paramount that you realize any relationship is not about what the other person is doing to make it work, but what you as a person can effect in the chemistry of the union to cement it into lasting for ever. Dating relationships are about what you can do to change the atmosphere for the better, and not what the other individual can do. This is why it is so common to hear a person say that the other partner into the relationship is not doing enough or he/she does not care any longer about me. Before such words have left your mouth it is paramount that you begin ascertaining whether you are the cause of the predicament and what can be done to change the tense horizon.