Chiropractic Benefits for Breastfeeding

The more we learn about chiropractic care and its place in alternative medicine, the more aware we become of the benefits it offers for people of all ages. Chiropractic care has been found to offer benefits not only for adults but children – more specifically the breastfed baby.

When a baby is born, the child’s musculoskeletal system is compromised right away. The pressure that is placed on the infant during the birth process can stress the tiny new bones in a baby’s body – especially those in the spine and cranium. Chiropractic care in Tucker, GA can help mother and baby where musculoskeletal problems are concerned, from back pain in mother to weight gain issues in baby and beyond.

One such application of chiropractic care that helps both new mothers and infants is where breastfeeding is concerned. The mother offers necessary nutrients for the infant as well as antibodies in her breastmilk through the breastfeeding process. And although the process is necessary, it can be frustrating at times.

In order to successfully and adequately nourish a baby, the baby needs to have a good latch on the mother’s breast. This is often the most difficult part of the process because sometimes the baby’s ability to latch depends on his disposition. If a baby cannot properly latch, successful breastfeeding that nourishes the baby properly is nearly impossible. This is the point when many mothers become overwhelmed and/or frustrated and often are inclined to give up on breastfeeding their newborn altogether.

The infant may be having trouble with maintaining suction on the mother’s nipple or becoming irritable during or after a nursing session. The baby may also chew on the nipple. Infants may experience fatigue from the extra effort they must put forth in order to be fed and fall asleep before they eat enough. Inadequate weight gain may be an issue for the baby.

The mother may battle painful and/or cracked nipples or blocked milk ducts that also lead to the desire to discontinue breastfeeding. This has been known to lead to depression in mothers who erroneously begin to feel like they are unable to meet the needs of their child or that they are not good mothers.

How Chiropractic Helps with Breastfeeding

Chiropractic care delivers a non-invasive and gentle approach that has been proven safe for breastfed children. Chiropractic care helps the baby’s body to heal on its own.

Many cases of breastfeeding difficulty trace back to biomechanical injuries, or subluxations (misalignments of bones that interfere with nerve flow), to the cranium and spine that took place during the birth process and have gone undetected. The failure to realize these injuries often leads to inadequate treatments and recommendations for the breastfed baby who struggles to nurse adequately.

The bones of the scull (cranial bones), spine (vertebrae) and facial bones, including the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) each play part in a breastfed baby’s sucking. A baby who struggles with nursing likely has some form of subluxation in at least one (if not more) of these areas. Without proper motion in these joint areas, a baby may have difficulty turning her head to breastfeed on each side or open her mouth wide enough to obtain a deep and strong latch.

In many cases, once an infant is adjusted by a trusted chiropractor who has experience and training in adjusting infants and children, the breastfeeding obstacles are overcome and the infant is able to breastfeed as intended. The motion in the joints is restored and a better breastfeeding experience can be had by both mother and baby!