The 10 Best Non-Toxic Nail Polishes

Due to harsh chemicals and an unpleasant odor, traditional nail polishes have gotten a bad reputation. Sabina Wizemann, a Senior Chemist at the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Health, Beauty & Environmental Sciences Lab, says that nail polishes can cause irritation and health problems.

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Some nail polishes have a strong smell. Chemicals in common nail lacquer formulas can enter your body through your nails. Duke University researchers found evidence of a common nail polish chemical, triphenyl phosphate (or TPHP), in every woman who painted her nails to support a 2015 study.

There have been many improvements in nail polish formulations over the years. There are alternatives to harmful chemicals and other potentially hazardous ingredients. This brings us to “nontoxic” or natural nail lacquers. Natural, which is similar to “clean beauty”, is a term used in marketing. The FDA does not regulate the term for beauty products.

Nail lacquer for Professionals


Zoya is a pioneer in nontoxic nail lacquers. It started with a 3-free formula and then went on to offer a 5-free formula. It’s now officially 10-free. Are you looking for a very specific shade? With over 550 color options, Zoya is sure to have it. Reviewers and beauty editors alike love the brand’s amazing color choices. Beauty assistant Catharine Malzahn says Zoya is my favorite nail polish. She loves the variety of colors and the long-lasting formula. “I have had Zoya pedicures that have not chipped for as long as three weeks. This polish is so easy to use that I rarely need another coat.

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These nail lacquers were created by Jin Soon Choi, a well-known nail artist. Jin Soon Choi believes that nail polish should be “healthy, eco-friendly, and long-lasting”. She has made that a reality with her fast-drying, chip-proof, vegan-friendly, 10-free formula. April Franzino, Beauty Director, is a huge fan of this nail polish line. She says she loves the vibrant colors and fun effects such as chunky glitter that you don’t often see from other brands.

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Nail Polish


All the shine you need without harsh chemicals. Jessica Teich, GHI Deputy Editor, says that this polish is not only 10-free but also has the longest-lasting gloss and shine. DIY manis are streak-free, dry quickly and last for up to 2 weeks. They also have a gel-like shine that gets tons of compliments. Cote’s website has many positive reviews. They rave about the nail polish’ “smooth application, even coats and long-lasting durability.”

Plant Magic Polish


The nail polish by Pacifica is free from sixteen toxic chemicals, long-lasting, and 100 percent vegan. The flat brush makes it easy to use, and provides great coverage in just a few swipes. One Ulta reviewer said that the vegan, plant-based formula glides on nails without streaking, clumping or bubbles. The polish lasted for almost a week before it needed to be reapplied.

Pure Cover Nail Polish Paint


Orosa nail lacquer has all the best things: quick drying, long-lasting wear, and fresh color. It is vegan and cruelty-free, and contains no controversial ingredients. Orosa’s reviewer says that the polish applied quickly and was easy to apply.

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Aila was founded by a podiatric surgeon and focuses on nail health. You can find a wide range of vibrant colors in vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free lacquers. Aila’s website states that this shade is “very long-lasting.” “Normally, I need to apply several coats of nail polishes with light colors. But not with Aila’s nail varnish–it is a vibrant color!

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It’s cruelty-free and vegan, as well as being vegan. Sundays’ 10-free nail polish makes DIY manicures easy with its simple-to-use brush. One Sundays reviewer shared that she loves the ease with which the polish glides on and only requires two coats. It dried quickly and did not chip.

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Smith & Cult’s formula is chip-resistant and comes in a range of colors. Two coats are required to achieve opaque results. All products are vegan and cruelty-free, and contain their 8-free formula. Smith & Cult reviews that it is worth every penny. It lasted longer than any other polish that I have used. It lasted for 10 days, which is a lot considering I am very picky about my nails.

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These sleek bottles contain a polish that removes harmful ingredients like parabens, acetone and eight other controversial ingredients and replaces them with good stuff (essential oils and vitamin E) to keep nails strong and healthy. Fun fact: Every shade of tenoverten nail polish is named after New York City, the home of its founders. Target reviews say that the polish looks professional at home. Another reviewer says it lasts for quite a while.

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The label says it all: “Natural as Mud.” This nail polish is safe for children and is water-based. Are you sensitive to the scent of nail lacquers The formula claims to be “virtually smellless,” so it’s easy to take care of your nails (or those of your kids). Target customer reviews said that she was searching for safe nail polish for her daughter. “No chemicals and no smell!”