Beauty From You to Me – Acknowledge That Beauty Is in Everyone and in Everything

Everyday as I awake, I eagerly anticipate what beautiful things God has in store for me. Sometimes life sends us curves that need silence and introspection. I am content to learn the lessons that the universe gives me, even though I am sensitive and easily affected by pain and suffering of myself as well as the pain of other people; sometimes I feel the pain of people who I have never met. I realize that as I patiently wait for the universe to open doors and opportunities for me, that I still must do the normal, not-so-fun things of daily living. I decided a long time ago that I would find beauty in every activity until the day that I take my last breath. There are many activities completed daily in our daily lives, far too many to even list that are taxing and make us forget how beautiful life truly can be. My best course of action is to enjoy the journey and to seek and find beauty in EVERYTHING!

I enjoy listening to music from various genres, writing songs or poetry, especially while engaging in two or more other activities. Sometimes I am vacuuming and I start dancing and enjoying the rhythm of the music.

While gazing at the sunrise, I usually decide what household chore I need to do first.

As I watch the waves of the nearby lake, I imagine that I am swimming in a clear,emerald-green ocean.

If I am watching television, and I notice a beautiful product or family style commercial is when I admire the beauty of people doing mundane things everywhere.

Reading has always been an amazing escape to visualize another setting and learning about the splendor and beauty of other people’s’ cooking styles, habits, practices or ideologies, there is beauty to be found EVERYWHERE!

There are so many gathering areas where you can discover new people and places, all you have to do is have an open heart and decide that you’ll seek and meet beautiful, new people. Meeting new people or engaging new activities is like discovering new frontiers or enticing a new adventure. Time alone, time on the phone, or taking time to have a great conversation is amazing and a beautiful discovery that you’ll appreciate for decades!

Enjoy your garden, take in the full scenery, notice the flowers, or the birds that fly to your yard or garden.

Beauty is everywhere, it’s simple to attract, and a great way to notice something different, uncommon or beautiful.

Enjoy the simple things, tasks or chores, it’s never a bore when you work around your home.

You’ll find adventure or uncover the beauty in simple,yet subtle ways if you pay attention to beautiful things around you throughout the course of your day.

If I cook, or clean or do my laundry; it is in the simplicity that beauty surrounds me.

As I wash my clothes and witness dirt and grime get washed away, it is similar when compared to life. Life is allowing the old concepts, ideas or beliefs to go away, get washed out or cleansed. Giving room for new experiences is giving new life to clean, freshly laundered clothing and a beautiful new way of living.

In life, it is ourselves who decide what we need to release, purge, cleanse or omit to uncover beauty under the surface; like the caterpillar and butterfly story.

In the newness comes the beauty in appreciating the unknown from you to me; from me to you. If you and me have argued, then I must apologize, the reason is not important, the time lost and the beauty of our friendship is more important than who’s right or who’s wrong.

Like soap suds, from the washing machine, going down the drain; I allow myself to release the pain; as clean, rinse water cleanses my clothes. I allow light to cleanse, and energize my life in the light of wisdom and appreciation.

I enrich my life and enjoy the beauty from you to me from me to you, as we discover new ideas and different principles of conduct or engaging in great verbal energy exchange. The smile that you send to me is amazing, comforting and beautiful and has made my day so much happier!

As I mop and dust and remove the rust, from around my appliances, doors, and floors in my home, it’s as if I removed the mask that once covered the beautiful view from my eyes. My perceived ideas that were once deluding me and rendering me unwilling or unable to see beautiful friendships established between friends that choose to be friends is no longer hampering my vision of beauty to be found during the course of life events.

Understand that by allowing yourself and others to engage in dreams, judgement-free,there is beauty; the beauty from you to me; from me to you..

Discover beauty in daily living..

~I enjoy learning from you and from others offering me knowledge continuously.

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