5 Myths to Having a Stable Dating Relationship

Here are 5 of the most common myths to having a stable dating relationship. It seems good at the time, but some things you do in a relationship will be harmful. Bringing both of you closer is the magic within a relationship. Having a stable relationship can lead both of you to the next level without any complication.

1. You don’t have to like everything about your partner.

It’s great that you are trying to accept your love one but you need to express some of your dissatisfaction. A common behavior can be leaving the toilet seat up after use or not changing the toilet paper roll when it runs out. Keep in mind that this is just a behavior mishap and not the true essence of that person.

2. With your charisma, you can change your partner.

You shouldn’t try to change your partner because you think you can. Just because you can use your charm and your fines, it will be the wrong way to approach it. This will lead to an obsessive-possessive relationship and that is not what you want at all. You need to accept and allow your partner to grow and flourish with you.

3. I have to give up the things I like to do in order to be in a stable relationship.

Giving up the things you like in a relationship will slowly eat you away. Your relationship is special because of the uniqueness you do as well as your partner. So, when you give up the things you like to do, you will be taking away part of your relationship.

4. I will be taken care of.

Don’t expect to have someone to just come along and take care of you even if you were conditioned to think this way. You bring passion and fire. Some days you should be the one to take care of your partner. You will create a stable relationship with your strength and weakness.

5. It will be expensive to be in a dating relationship.

It’s all about perspective. Don’t think a stable relationship is about bigger house, a better car or a motorcycle. This kind of thinking will not stabilize your relationship. A stable relationship is built on simple things in life, walking together, going on a romantic picnic or sharing a chocolate. Showing what’s inside and not the outside of the heart is a cornerstone for a stable relationship.